We create vibrant communities and revitalize
cities and towns.
Linden, NJ


We, as a firm, seek to purchase vacant, underutilized, environmentally neglected properties throughout transit hubs in New York and New Jersey so that we can turn those properties into assets.

Since 1970 we have managed every aspect of the process from locating underutilized land to designing a development that augments value for the local community. We use our experience to secure all necessary zoning and planning approvals.

We are experienced in both commercial and residential construction. We’ve built and managed the construction of hundreds of properties throughout the New York/New Jersey area. We believe in sustainable building and are a vertically integrated construction firm that develops luxury properties at highly competitive rates.

Hackensack, NJ

Property Management

The ability to effectively manage and lease projects is key to our success. Capodagli Property Company has a subsidiary arm in Meridia Living, an internal leasing and asset management team comprised of local and corporate level professionals.

Meridia Living strives to ensure all properties are well maintained and fully occupied while instilling a sense of belonging towards its residents. We host tenant appreciation breakfasts, as well as planned events and outings to bring people together.

Meridia’s overall mission is to provide its residents with the highest level of ambiance in a welcoming social environment, which fosters a sense of family belonging.

Linden, NJ


Cap Hospitality is a new division of Capodagli Property Company intended to elevate our properties beyond apartment buildings, furthering our mission to build a community in the areas we’re developing.

This new division is first materializing as Cap Diner–a homage to the classic New Jersey Diner debuting in Hackensack in 2020–to be followed by our grab-and-go concept, Cap O’ Joe, both of which will be introduced in our upcoming properties.

The second concept from Cap Hospitality will be the debut of “Cap Work” a multigenerational co-working space inside our newest project in Bound Brook.

These accessible spaces will foster a sense of community between building tenants and city residents alike, providing additional amenities for all to enjoy.

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