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Capodagli Property Company is a full-service real estate development, construction, and property management firm specializing in transformational multifamily and mixed-use real estate projects. We have developed, own, and manage over 1,000 rental apartments valued at over $500 million.

Our mission at Capodagli Property Company is to revive emerging cities and towns and stimulate their growth and evolution. We accomplish this through the development of a comprehensive and collaborative business plan customized for each project to maximize the value of underutilized lands.

Capodagli Property Company was built to be fully capable of completing projects in an efficient, timely, budget-conscious and environmentally friendly manner and, as we work toward the future, we will continue to instill our beliefs in the minds of the next generation of the Capodagli Property Company family and organization.

Founded in 1970, Capodagli Property Company is recognized for its ability to envision thriving communities on barren parcels of raw land. We pride ourselves on being pioneer developers of affordable luxury properties in urban and suburban areas throughout New Jersey and New York. Since inception, Capodagli Property Company has completed over half a billion dollars worth of development, construction, and management projects.

what we do

“We create vibrant, multi-use communities that revitalize cities and towns.”


At Capodagli Property Company, we define what we buy. We, as a firm, seek to purchase vacant, underutilized, environmentally contaminated properties throughout transit hubs in New Jersey so that we can turn those properties from eye sores into well- performing assets. If you have any such properties available, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Capodagli Property Company has been developing real estate assets since 1970. We’re proficient at managing every aspect of the process from locating underutilized land and creating a design development that augments value for the town and project to traversing the municipal land use regulations to secure all necessary zoning and planning approvals. That’s the reason we currently have over 5,000 apartments in various stages of development and construction, and it’s the reason we’re able to bring our visions to life, time and time again.


Capodagli Property Company is highly experienced in both commercial and residential construction and, in our history, we’ve built or managed the construction of hundreds of properties throughout the New York/New Jersey area. We’re a vertically integrated construction firm that develops luxury properties at highly competitive rates and at Capodagli Property Company, we believe in Green Building.

Asset Management

The ability to effectively manage and lease projects is key to sustainable success in the real estate investment life cycle. Capodagli Property Company has a subsidiary arm in Meridia Living, a fully functional internal leasing staff and asset management team composed of local and corporate level professionals. Our buildings promote a genuine sense of belonging and that feeling is further effectuated through the Meridia Living team and community managers.

our portfolio

Over our 45+ years in the business, we’ve developed, designed, constructed, and managed a multitude of dynamic residential and commercial properties in the New York/New Jersey area.

Why should you choose Capodagli?

The U.S. home ownership rate is the lowest it’s been in 25 years and is expected to continue its descent while rental apartment occupancy is at an all-time high. Renters aren’t just younger Americans struggling to make ends meet anymore as middle-aged, higher income Americans are increasingly choosing to rent rather than own. That combined with the fact that rental rates are rising at twice the pace of inflation and developers are putting too much focus on high-end units has resulted in an affordability crisis among renters.


That’s where we come in. Capodagli Property Company has been building and managing affordable luxury properties since 1970, working in all aspects of the process from planning and development to construction and property management. We’re composed of a team of passionate, knowledgable, highly experienced individuals who refuse to sit around waiting for contracts to be signed. We have the knowledge, experience, and perseverance to keep our projects moving forward until all expectations are met or exceeded.

Our Vision

We pride ourselves on being pioneer developers of affordable luxury middle and high-end properties in underutilized urban and suburban areas throughout New Jersey and New York. Our ability to envision thriving, multifamily, multi-use communities on raw, vacant parcels of land is what sets Capodagli Property Company apart.

Our Mission

At Capodagli Property Company, our mission is to revive cities and towns by creating vibrant, multi-use communities through the implementation of a comprehensive business plan for each project and the utilization of our vast experience and longstanding industry relationships.

Our Values

To sustain success in any business for as long as we have, a certain standard needs to be established and that takes core values. Integrity, diversity, responsiveness, professionalism, and environmental responsibility are the values that guide us at Capodagli Property Company.

Our Passion

We look for our core values in every new addition at Capodagli Property Company because we know that you cannot sustain success in any industry if you don’t have a team of people who are genuinely passionate about what they do. Every member of the Capodagli Property Company team strongly believes in the company mission.

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